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Calum MacLeod CEO Glampitect Global Team

Calum MacLeod

chief executive officer

*including sites in design or build

Meet Calum

After finding investment for his first project, Calum was able to complete the initial North Coast 500 Pods glamping site. Calum designed, project managed and operated the entire project. The initial site was an instant success and Calum’s ambition to grow was thriving. Along with business partner Alisdair, they quickly realised the popularity and opportunity for expansion and immediately began working on their next project and created a further glamping site along the North Coast 500. 

Calum offered advice and guidance to other entrepreneurs with the intentions of opening a glamping site. The demand for assistance grew, and Calum began to offer his knowledge as a professional service and began the consultancy company ‘Glampitect’.

Calum’s passion for the glamping industry is huge, his confidence and capability has led him to the Middle East to explore the potential growth of Glampitect. His expertise allows him to create a big and innovative impact on any plan. ‘Glampitect Global’ is just the next chapter is his growing success story.

business investment
glamping innovation
global infrastructure

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