Meet Glampitect

Who We Are

Glampitect designed and own the glamping site voted number 1 in the UK. We have worked in excess of 200 glamping projects in the last year alone, with sites containing up to 50+ units each. 

With the UK glamping industry fully established and continuously growing, Glampitect are in a position with their knowledge and expertise to offer the Middle East region world class and sustainable alternative accommodation to all new developments.

CEO, Calum MacLeod and COO, Alisdair Young have worked on a record number of glamping sites globally.

Meet Glampitect

What We Do

Glampitect deliver bespoke glamping units worldwide, design unbeatable glamping havens and operate multiple fully booked glamping sites.

Our bespoke glamping units are manufactured in the UK using the highest quality materials. Glampitect source the required units, arrange delivery worldwide and organise onsite construction and installation.

Our industry-leading architecture team have created 100's of master plans in the last year bringing project visions to life.

With Glampitect designing and owning the UK's number 1 glamping site, through personal experience, we have developed the most cost-effective and efficient ways to manage glamping sites and now partner with developers to ensure they maximise and accelerate their returns to the full potential.

Achmelvich Portrait Glamping Resort
Designing and Planning Glamping Eco Resorts
Our mission

Luxury Accommodation, Express Delivery

Accelerated Profit

Luxury accommodation in a short time period allows your multiuse projects to launch sooner and for you to monetise quicker.

Exquisitely Designed

Glampitect strive to deliver luxury accommodation within a short time period. By creating sustainable glamping resorts, we offer new and exciting environmentally friendly places to stay.


We are making every effort to ensure the possibility of a greener future.

World class glamping design and delivery

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